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Maison Colette

Maison Colette was founded in 2016 by Colette van Steenderen. It all started with her first son, a bad sleeper, until she discovered Sleepyhead on social media. This was what she needed! At all costs she arranged everything to get the promising babynest as possible for her 5-month-old son. Of course the Sleepyhead babynest kept all its promises,it was a real sleepsaver šŸ˜‰ ā€œthis is what every mom needs in the Netherlandsā€ thought Colette. After toil and sweating she managed to secure the exclusive right for the Benelux. She put all her time and energy into her business, all while her baby layed next to her in his Sleepyhead. Sleepyhead was the babymusthave within 6 months.

New brands came across Colettesā€™ path and she managed to make these again a big success in a short period of time, this gave her a kick and motivation to searching for more brands. Colette is hungry for more. Discovering and making brands a big succes is her passion and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Sit tight and pay attention, because Colette is eager to introduce new brands to you!


Born, bred, and designed with love in Sweden, we believe that every baby needs and deserves to be surrounded in a comfortable and snug environment every day of their lives.
The SleepyheadĀ® has been rigorously tested, using the best and most breathable materials to create a perfect microclimate for your baby. Research shows that the infant’s proximity to parental sounds, smells, heat and movements is crucial for any infant’s mental, emotional and physiological development. A baby kept close and safe and comfortable in the SleepyheadĀ®is only a breath away.
Meanwhile, Sleepyhead can be found in 65+ stores in the Benelux and it is also online and on social media big and booming. Which celebrity and blogger has not been spotted with this well-known babynest!?


Colette has an enormous passion for Beauty. After using these shots, Colette knew for sureā€¦ this is what every beauty needs! Dermacolla was a fact. You drink yourself pretty with Dermacolla, no more botox. The ampoules are full of vitamins and the holy collagen ensure that your skin and hair are flawless AND stay like this! With Dermacolla, fine lines disappear like snow in the sun and you can say hello to imperfections. You want it all? Dermacolla gives you all!
Dermacolla is a premium nutricosmetic product in the form of a drinking ampoule with collagen peptides as the main active ingredient.
Scientific studies have shown that the premium collagen peptides in DERMACOLLA improve the elasticity of mature skin in particular and help visibly reduce wrinkles . At the same time it could be proven that the collagen content of the skin has increased greatly. The moisture content of the skin has been improved from the inside and the skin elasticity has increased significantly
After a recommended intake of at least 8 – 12 weeks, the collagen peptides can improve the elasticity and moisture of the skin and help to reduce wrinkles.
This potential has been explored and proven in various scientific studies.

DouDou et Compagnie

The business woman in Colette spotted a new beautiful unique brand, DouDou et Compagnie. A super soft cuddle brand, which exudes uniqueness. All plush toys, dolls and gadgets are delivered in a beautiful package. Colette had succeeded again quickly into making this brand a great success. Meanwhile, the soft teddy’s are to be found in many baby cots, the glitter animals hang around in many baby and children’s rooms and the girls play with the soft look-a-like Mademoiselle dolls.
The story begins 15 years ago in the Val dā€™Oise when Alain Joly, fascinated by the experiences of early childhood, imagined a world overflowing with tenderness and comforting doudous. Surrounding himself with people as experienced as himself and who shared his passion for the project, Doudou et Compagnie was born.
One day, Zora, one of our designers, sewed a rabbits head to her newborn babyā€™s blanketā€¦..and started a revolution in doudou design. The first doudou without stuffing was born and has since become a staple of the world of childhood toys.
Always holding on to its experience and know-how, Doudou et Compagnie builds on its original values; creativity and innovation, quality and safety. A great team with ten designers passionate about their craft, work every day to bring joy and fascination to little ones while creating the most beautiful doudous of tomorrow.


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