Maison Colette

Maison Colette is founded in 2016 by Colette van Steenderen. It all started with her first son, a bad sleeper, untill she bumped into Sleepyhead (now called DockaTot) on social media. She had to have this! The long wait was worth it, her boy finally slept like a baby, a real sleepsaver! 

Colette granted this all mommys and the product was not yet available in the Benelux! She put all her time and effort into the company, while her baby slept in the Sleepyhead pod. Within 6 months Colette made Dockatot THE number ONE baby musthave in the Benelux!


Our handmade pieces are made with expertise by European craftsmen with a passion for detail. Handmade in Europe; each crib was created with the intention of being passed on as an heirloom to future generations.
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Dockatot® (formerly Sleepyhead) is designed to provide a safe, cozy and restful environment for babies. We like to think that our babynests are the best alternative to the womb. Babies can rest, play and lounge without the restraints of buckles or any distraction of brightly colored bells and whistles.
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DouDou et Compagnie

Colette, business woman, soon spotted a beautiful unique brand, DouDou et Compagnie. A super soft cuddly teddybear brand, which exudes uniqueness. All of the cuddly toys, dolls and gadgets are delivered in a beautiful gift box. Colette was also able to quickly bring this product to great success. The soft teddy's are now in many baby cribs, the glitter cuddly toys shine in many baby and children's rooms and the girls play with the soft look-a-like Mademoiselle dolls.
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Discover and lose yourself in the magnetic magical powers of the Magnatiles educational toys!

MagnaTiles® are designed for one simple reason: to help children develop through play, both at home and at school! Magnatiles was developed by a Japanese math teacher and brought to the US in 1997 by Valtech LLC. Magnatiles was immediately loved by children, parents and teachers.

Each tile / block is made of sustainable products that last for years and are completely safe for the kids!
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MatchStick Monkey

Our original Matchstick Monkey is a fun and flexible teething aid, helping to ease the pain by placing gels and ointments directly to the sore spots through the bumps on the back of its head. A friend to chew on.
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Founded in 2016 by husband & wife team Tim & Gill, FLOSS & ROCK is an international children's toy brand focusing on gifts and toys for children aged 2-10. Designed in the land of Candy Floss & Sticks of Rock beside the seaside in NW England.
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